Tuesday, June 13, 2017

School Maker Faire 2017 at Black Pine Circle School

On May 26th, BPC had it's first School Maker Faire. This is a post in progress celebrating this event. If you subscribe and are getting an update, know that this post is still under construction! :)

7A-1 Color Mixing Lamp (need to write & publish)
7A-2 Turning Old Tires Into Seats
7A-3 Not completed
7A-4 Cardboard Tank
7A-5 Branch Light Fixture
7A-6 Pin Board Board Game 
7A-7 3D-Printed Fidget Spinner
7A-8 Using the Bridge (AR/VR/MR) Headset 
7A-9 A Bamboo Bow and Arrow 
7A-10 PVC RE-Curve Bow 
7A-11 Metalworking with Field's Metal 

7B-1 We Made A Magazine in Two Weeks! 
7B-2 The Great British Henna Post 
7B-3 Tales of the Duct Tape Chair (AKA Duct Tape fixes everything)
7B-4 Bath Bombs
7B-5 1920's Style Dress
7B-6 3D Printed Gear Fidgets
7B-7 Photoshop Stories
7B-9 Wooden Catapult
7B-10 Foam Glider Fails for Life 
7B-11 Flower Photography

7C-1 Chibitronics Constellation (need to update)
7C-2 Eternal Terrarium
7C-3 Screen Printing for Awareness
7C-4 Whittling Wood 
7C-5 Chicas Skateboards
7C-6 Building a Rube Goldberg Machine 
7C-7 Duct Tape Hammock 
7C-8 Making a Cardboard Bungalow
7C-9 Desktop Destruction- turn your favorite lunchtime fruit into a deadly weapon!
7C-10 SHACHIHOKO - A sewable LED shirt

6A-1 Fish Farming (need to finish & publish)
6A-3 Aquaponics
6A-4 BPC Maker Faire Project: A Energy Effective Home
6A-7 mini greenhouse
6A-8 The Carbon Footprint of Food
6A-10 Gone Fishing 

6B-1 If you need water, MAKE it 
6B-2 Creating Awareness about Biking 
6B-5 Eco-Friendly House In A Hill
6B-6 Our Ocean Wave Of Trash
6B-9 Vertical Garden (need to write & publish)
6B-10 Vegan Food

6C-1 Foot Powered Hand Dryer
6C-2 Recycled Planters
6C-4 Food Chain Dominoes (could use finishing)
6C-6 Attempt Your Own Bicycle Powered Blender.
6C-8 Pollution Monster

Endangered Species - Andy & Bodie

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